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I'm a girl who loves beautifully designed things, like my Z4. I spoil it like it's my boyfriend. Or kid. Or dog. What can I say, I treat the things I love in an uncompromising manner. The things I love are lucky sons of bitches.I'm also a girl that hates anything car repair/maintenance related because the following things immediately enter my mind:a) Fuck, this is going to be expensive!b) I hope they don't do a shitty job. c) I hope they do the job. Period.d) Are they trying to con/rip me off?e) All of the above.Thank the BMW Gods above for Avus, because as soon as I stepped foot into their immaculate shop, I knew it was BMW heaven and I could rest easy. My search for a competent place to bring my ride was over.Andrew is a friend of a friend of a friend..twice removed. Kidding about that last part. Thank God for friends who own shops like this! I knew without a doubt I would be taken care of here. I even got the VIP treatment and had the privilege of sampling the famous coffee brewed by one of the technicians in the shop. It was nice and strong. I had 5 cups by the time I left, one of which was hand delivered to me by Andrew. Thank you, Andrew! I sat in the leather couch adorned lounge area and got some work done while I waited. They are top-notch. Super professional. Customer service like whoa. I was told exactly what they were going to do and they even gave my car a general inspection and a clean bill of health. They even cleaned up this micro-filter for the A/C that most dealerships/shops don't even know exists (and is a pain in the ass to pull out) under the dash. That thing was filthy until they got to it. If it weren't for them, I'd still be breathing in that gunk. Whew!The shop itself is so amazingly clean. Like, cleaner than most peoples living room type of clean. Never in my life have I ever seen a shop so clean. It was shocking. Auto shop twilight zone..right here.Andrew hooked it up with a sweet price. My bank account and I were extremely grateful. Avus is worth every penny spent. Jonathan even gave me a recommendation of a place to get my car bluetooth enabled, so that I can talk on the phone & keep my hand on the shifter like the responsible driver I am. Driving since my oil change, my car runs smooth as silk. Like butter, baby. And, when I blast my A/C, I know I'm breathing clean air. BMW is Joy. xoxo


Had my 2009 335 flashed with Dinan software last year. Andrew offered me a small discount and fast, friendly service.If I lived in this neighborhood, Andrew and his Avus (pronounced ahvus) team would have my business on a regular basis. A clean shop and knowledgeable staff make this a no brainer for BMW enthusiasts who are looking for a quality shop.


I think I can sum everything up in one sentence: You get what you pay for. Seriously. I know people get angry at car shops a lot because no one really knows how much work and how expensive it really is to fix up an European car. *** Just FYI, for those of you who aren't going to keep on reading...Avus did an awesome job and totally went out of their way to save my car. They did more than what they needed to for my car **** Let me tell you my story....I rear-ended someone and messed up my car pretty badly at night, after all auto-repair shops are closed. I called Avus, thinking I was going to leave a voicemail and maybe they'll call me back in the morning. But no! Someone picked up! Andrew, the owner, forwards calls to his cell phone so that he can help customers after hours, in event of emergencies! We arranged details for getting my car taken in. I called Avus a couple days after I took my car in just to check in on the progress of things (I'm pretty nervous about car stuff). They told me that they were fighting a paper battle with my insurance company. My insurance company did not want Avus to use factory parts on my car. Instead, they wanted cheap and/or 2nd-hand parts to be put onto my car. Avus decided to fight and, when Insurance didn't budge, they decided to go ahead and use factory-made parts!! At their cost!!! I can tell you that no other auto-repair shop would go to that length to ensure my car comes back in top-shape. They COULD have used cheap parts and earned more money. But, they didn't! They used expensive factory parts to make sure that my car runs perfectly. Here's the funny thing... I decided to install an ipod connector to my car since it's already in the shop. Years ago I brought my car into Best Buy for some after-market part to be installed. I asked Avus to take that part off my car and install the factory-made ipod connector. They told me that Best Buy messed up my radio big time and they had to rewire everything. It took them 3 hours to fix my radio. How much did they charge me for labor? 1 hour only. Another thing... on my way out of the shop, after taking a look at my car which was in tip-top, brand-spanking-new shape, I told them off-offhandedly that I have a MINI key that needs to be initialized. I got it from the dealer but the dealer keeps on forgetting to do it. You know, to start up the auto-lock and unlock buttons. Well, I hand both keys to Reuben. He sits down in my car and within 2 mins, literally, he initialized both my keys...did they charge me for it? No. Now I have my little MINI cooper back. It looks like a brand new car. It runs better than it did before the accident. What can I say? You get what you pay for. I totally, 100% recommend them. I think I understand why people aren't's expensive. But, I guess, car repairs aren't cheap and what you pay for now will ensure that your car lives longer. Plus, they really do a good job. It's meticulous. They don't mess around. *** the car shop is also super clean. p.s. I broke my tail-light and they said they would install it for me without charging me for the labor. yeah...long review....but go there. Save yourself the drama from the dealer and/or other cheaper places.


ok. i have been with Andrew and his guys over at Avus for a solid 5 years and they have never, absolutely never disappointed. they go the extra mile, they communicate well, they're honest, they're fast, and above all, they do exceptional (!) work. but dont take my word for it, try them out; you will be pleased. So happy to have found them! Thanks guys!!! Eric


Finally! An independent BMW repair shop that actually knows what it is doing. After years of terrible dealer service, I brought my '04 M3 to Andrew at Avus Autosport for what I thought would be major transmission repair after warranty. After Ruben's expert diagnosis, it turned out that it was a much more simple repair, and I was as good, (actually better, they had some improvements they made to the suspension) than new faster and cheaper than any dealer. I would not hesitate to bring any BMW to these guys. Top flight experience.


I highly recommend Andrew and the whole team at AVUS Autosport. Actually I can not reccomend them highly enough!I have a 1988 BMW 325i convertible and Andrew, Ruben and the team have been taking care of me since they opened.Andrew is honest & he is very trustworthy. He will let you know up front what type of work needs to be done and what it will cost. After any repair work that they do on my car it always comes back washed & clean.If you have any type of BMW AVUS are the guys to go to for maintenance & repairs.

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