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What Kind Of Maintenance Does My Porsche Need?

If you own a Porsche, you understand the importance of maintaining your vehicle properly to ensure that your investment is protected. The Porsche maintenance schedule is based on mileage as outlined by your vehicle's owner's manual. Oil services are required based on mileage or at least every year. Minor or intermediate maintenance is required every two years while major maintenance is needed every 4 years. Staying on top of your Porsche's regular maintenance will guarantee that your vehicle performs at its best throughout the years and helps to protect any warranties that you may have under the manufacturer.

Porsche maintenance items include:

  • Read out fault memory in diagnostic system
  • Engine oil and filter replacement
  • Visual inspection for leaks and chafing
  • Inspect underbody covers for completeness, fastening and signs of damage
  • Check condition of coolant hoses
  • Inspect radiator and air intake for soiling and blockage
  • Check coolant and antifreeze levels
  • Replace air filter and particle filter
  • Visual inspection of fuel system and correct routing and firm seating of the line connections
  • Test parking brake for proper function
  • Inspect brake pads and brake discs
  • Visual inspection of brake hoses and lines for damage and corrosion
  • Check limit position of clutch pedal
  • Visual inspection of steering gear
  • Check tie rod ends and axle joints
  • Check tightness of screw connections on the suspension adjustment system at the front and rear
  • Visual inspection of the boots in the drive shaft for leaks and signs of damage
  • Inspect exhaust system for leaks and signs of damage
  • Check tire condition, tread, and pressure
  • Check to ensure that door locks, lid locks, safety hook and internal trunk release mechanism are adjusted correctly and function properly
  • Check function and condition of seat belts
  • Check function of vehicle lighting system
  • Inspect all headlights
  • Check function of the horn
  • Inspect windshield wiper and washer system
  • Inspect electrical devices and indicator/warning lights
  • Electrical devices as well as indicator and warning lights: Check function
  • Test drive for brakes, transmission, driveability, etc.

When you are due for Porsche scheduled maintenance, bring your vehicle into our shop for service! We look forward to seeing you!

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