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What Is Causing My Car to Bounce?

Usually, it's easy to spot when something is wrong with your car. Your stereo may have an electrical problem if it stops operating. If your car won't start, your battery may need to be recharged or replaced. When driving at night, if your headlights appear dim, it's definitely time to replace the bulbs. But why is the ride unsteady and jarring? The following conditions could be causing your car to bounce while it is moving:


Your automobile may feel unsteady and rough if your tires are having problems. Your regular driving could have issues if they are incorrectly secured, misaligned, or overinflated. Never overfill your tires with air. Overfilling your tires may seem like a smart idea if you have an air leak because it will keep them from losing air until you can get to a shop to get the hole patched or tire changed, but doing so can also lead to more problems.


Your tires' ability to stay in contact with the pavement is aided by your car's suspension. Because the suspension plays a significant role in providing a comfortable and safe ride, it's usually quite obvious when there's a problem because the way the car behaves will change significantly. When driving over bumps or potholes, the car may feel like it is leaning more to one side than the other or it may bounce erratically. If so, there may be damage to the springs, shock absorbers, sway bar, or ball joints.


To keep you stable on the road, the steering mechanism in your car directs the movement of the wheels and tires. One of the components in the steering linkage may be malfunctioning if your car sways or bounces when you turn the wheel. Regular car alignments at your neighborhood mechanic's shop are a fantastic method to avoid steering problems that could result in a bumpy ride.


Your car bouncing can cause road accidents due to the lack of comfort and potentially could be fatal. If you need vehicle suspension repair, give Avus Autosport a call today!

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