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What Is An Engine Overhaul?

Does your vehicle's engine make strange sounds when starting, stopping, idling, or accelerating? If so, you may or may not have heard the word engine overhaul thrown around. Today, we are going to go over what an engine overhaul means.


When a car's engine begins to make bizarre noises in any of the circumstances we mentioned above, then you may consider getting an engine overhaul. The noise may be accompanied by exhaust smoke, which can be a sign of serious engine damage. It isn't easy to know for sure without a check-up from a trusted and auto professional. In some cases, you may have to get someone to take your engine apart, clean it up, and replace and patch up any damaged engine parts or seals, and then reassemble it back together. In a nutshell, that is what an engine overhaul is.


Some auto repair shops can also call this service an in-chassis rebuild. However, an in-chassis rebuild doesn't entail taking the entire engine out to rebuild and repair. It is more of a minor overhaul where a mechanic will work on particular components such as replacing the pistons rings, cylinder liners, or the pistons. 


A more extensive engine rebuild is considered a major engine overhaul, and this requires the complete engine to be uplifted from the chassis. Every nut, bolt, and other removable piece is cleaned and replaced with original factory engine parts. 


As you can imagine, a major engine overhaul takes more time and labor to get done, which means it's more expensive than an in-chassis rebuild. Both services will function to make your engine run newer or better. Many people get an engine overhaul every few years for that particular reason. This especially holds true for car enthusiasts who want their cars to sound, function, and look a certain way. Regardless of your motives for an engine rebuild, it will make your vehicle dependable and run its best. If you are interested in a BMW or MINI overhaul, please reach out to Avus Autosport today!

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