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Is It Safe to Take Your Pet on the Road?

If you have an upcoming road trip, have you considered bringing your pet along with you?  You might wonder, “is it safe”. And the answer is yes! People do it all the time, and it is a wonderful way to bond with your companion. There are some things you should prepare for when bringing your cat or dog along. In order to make your road trip safe and easy, follow these tips:

  • Bring their vaccination records - Since you will be away, it is good to have their medical records with you (just in case something happens).
  • Make sure they have tags - Animals can be quick to run off. No matter how aware you are of your animal’s location, it would be nice to have a tag on your animal with your contact info.
  • Give them plenty of space - Just like you, we guarantee your pet wants to be comfy for the ride too. Don’t cram them into a corner of your car.
  • Make sure they are secure - You definitely don’t want your pet to be roaming around your car, especially while you’re driving at highway speeds. Make sure they’re fastened in their spot. There are harnesses or crates that you can use. Additionally, make sure your windows are closed.
  • Bring treats, food, and water - You can’t take your furry friend with you without the essentials– food and water. Treats are a great way to reward your pet for their behavior on the road. Incentives are always great to encourage your animal to be on its best behavior.
  • Plan for rest stops - Your animal is just like you – they need to stretch and have restroom breaks too.

These tips can go a long way in making your road trip a fun, hassle-free experience with your pet. Preparation is key. Additionally, we recommend bringing your vehicle to Avus Autosport for service before the long journey. If your car needs an inspection, please call or visit our auto repair shop in Glendale, CA, today.

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