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At Avus, we pride ourselves on our love for Mini Coopers and the relationships we build with enthusiasts. No issue is too large or too small for these wonderful driving machines but before any issues arise, these cars need to be properly maintained.

Another distinction that keeps Avus above the rest is the extensive inventory of factory Mini parts we maintain on site. To efficiently function with a quick turnaround and a two year parts warranty, we stock a large number of the commonly needed MINI parts and we diversify our inventory as we see new trends developing. As Minis get older, different parts start to wear out and we adjust our parts inventory to meet those needs. Our 6000-square-foot shop has four lifts and we use Autologic® diagnostic equipment to code and program the car’s computer controls. We’re very competitive with very fair pricing as well, far below the dealers with no lack of experience. If you’re looking for an independent Mini service shop and only the best will do for your Mini, check out Avus Autosport.Though Dinan halted production on performance parts on the 2007 and newer Mini’s, we will be happy to install products from any reputable tuning company.

For the best Mini Cooper repair in Los Angeles, bring your unique Mini to Avus Autosport where we have all the equipment and expertise to take care of its service needs from care to repair. At our Mini Cooper service in Los Angeles we specialize in quality European cars and have everything at our disposal — from the technology to trained technicians — to maintain and fix your favorite Mini.

Screen-Shot-2013-06-14-at-3The little Mini recently celebrated its 50th birthday and we have all the parts and maintenance items available for all styles, including the latest model, which is like the antique Mini on steroids. The Mini was developed in England in the late 1950s as an economical alternative to the big gas-guzzlers of that era and soon became the most popular car in Great Britain.

It really took off when racing legend John Cooper tweaked the little “bulldog” car into a rally demon with the Mini Cooper 997 in 1961. The Mini Cooper S became another legend after winning several victories at Rally Monte Carlo and other racing venues. Rallying is a natural for the Mini, because the popular motor sport shaped the brand’s image.

A redesigned Mini was introduced to North America in the spring of 2002 and Mini mania began to spread as people ordered deliveries of their “baby” cars. By that summer there was a rally in California, which grew into the 800-member SoCal MINI Maniacs. By 2003 the Mini captured the North American Car of the Year award.

Mini enthusiasts sometimes call themselves Miniacs because they are crazy about their little British cars and want the best for them, so be sure to check with Avus Autosport for the top Mini Cooper mechanic in Los Angeles. Many owners like to express their individuality with their Mini models, so ask us about accessories, which we also have available along with all our other complete services from hood to bumper.

In case of major repairs, call us and we will arrange to have it picked up and restore it to better than new. Our Mini Cooper repair in Santa Monica also offers the same maintenance and services plans for your prized Mini and we can also boost its performance.

Mini lovers like taking their cars to rallies for entertainment and to show them off. Large and small rallies are held around the world, from Italy’s famous Mille Miglia to those held around the United States. Local rally members enjoy motoring on the back streets and are passionate about taking the scenic and challenging twisting mountain roads in their iconic Minis.