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Inspection 1: Every 30,000 Miles. This inspection service is the smaller of the two recommended service yet it ensures that your car is safe and mechanically sound. At a scheduled rate of every 6 oil changes, a few things need to be changed, but even more components need to be inspected as the heart of this inspection.

  • Oil and filter change
  • Engine air filter change
  • Air conditioning filter change
  • Check transmission, power steering, exhaust system, and fuel
    system for leaks
  • Examine brake system and fluid level, clean brake contact points,
    inspect disc surfaces and pad life
  • Check for play and wear in control arm bushings, steering tie rods,

    steering linkage, and axle joints
  • Check tire life, tread pattern, pressure, and balance
  • Check cooling system (hoses and coolant)
  • Electrical: Check BMW diagnostic computer for stored faults,

    perform battery load test, check all lights, signals, windshield
    washer system, and reset computer
  • Perform road test for brakes, suspension, steering, acceleration,

    and transmission performance

Inspection 2: Every 60,000 Miles. This service includes everything featured in the inspection 1 plus the replacement of a few additional components that wear out after 60,000 miles.

  • Inspection 1 service
  • Fuel filter replacement
  • Spark plugs replacement
  • Differencial fluid replacement, additionally transmission

    fluid (if manual)

Pre-purchase inspection. Prior to purchasing a used BMW, have us perform a pre-purchase inspection to ensure the car’s mechanical functionality, cosmetics, and safety.

Come to Avus Autosport for Santa Monica BMW service because whether you’re a surfer with a classic convertible or a Hollywood celebrity driving the newest turbocharged bimmer, we have everything you need. We handle all the authentic parts for scheduled maintenance to major repairs.

We have a commitment and reputation and tradition of catering to high-end German vehicles and a selection of service plans. We offer 30,000 and 60,000 mile inspection and maintenance plans that cover everything from your tires to major systems like electrical, cooling, transmission and brakes.

Our Beverly Hills BMW service provides the same quality service programs. We also road test your vehicle for acceleration, drivability, suspension, steering and performance. In addition, we want you to come to see us for a pre-purchase inspection if there is a used a BMW you are considering buying.

BMW service in Los Angeles also has long experience and expertise in dealing with all the best luxury European vehicles and provides all authentic BMW auto parts for your hard-driving machine. Our trained technicians know the right ones for any make or model of your iconic car — which is the peak in German engineering, design and technology — and know that you do not want substitute inferior parts.

Parts required to maintain your precision BMW can include anything from oil, fuel and air filters to spark plugs, hoses and belts. They may not be the most expensive parts, but are a small investment with big returns when it comes to fuel economy and performance.

The best-engineered machines need regular maintenance. While there is no reason a properly maintained BMW should not run past a quarter million miles, some major components will wear out before that.

The radiator may need to be switched out every five to seven years and the water pump should be replaced every 100,000 miles and we will help you with all replacement parts. By having them installed correctly when needed, you can keep your BMW going for many years.

In the unfortunate event of a collision, fender bender or breakdown, our BMW repair in Los Angeles is the perfect fix. Our BMW repair in Pasadena also has a full range of restoration services to send you back on the highway with a renewed bimmer.

If you had a mishap near the ocean, make your way to our BMW repair in Santa Monica and you’ll soon be back on your way to fly down the Santa Monica Freeway in your ultimate machine.